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Thursday, January 8, 2015

As for the tooth found in McDonald's fries in Japan, I'd say that was the healthiest part of it. - posted in dc misc

The Spirit of the Lotus Sutra - an excerpt from a Shunryu Suzuki lecture

Not long after I started sitting at Sokoji, I recall a conversation with a long-haired, bead adorned truth seeker on the sidewalk around the corner from Sokoji on Laguna Street. The aroma of patchouli oil. This young guy said Suzuki Roshi can't be enlightened because he shaves his head. I asked why that is. He said that one who is enlightened is beyond thinking, in a constant state of bliss. To shave his head, he pointed out, Suzuki Roshi would have to have the thought of his head and then that there was hair growing there, and that he did now want to have hair there. He'd have to think of cutting it and so forth. He concluded that a truly enlightened person would just continue to bask in the clear light. He said he was more interested in finding a teacher from India. I wished him good luck. - DC  - posted in ZC Stories

Katrinka and I both spent years living on the Pacific Ocean north of San Francisco and now we've lived near the Indian Ocean in Bali for over a year (except a few months out) and one thing we've noticed so far is how mild and short the rains are here compared to there and no storms yet as we're used to there. No hurricanes or cyclones. There are hard rains but not for so long. I remember days of hard rains in California, high winds, fierce storms. But we have thunder and lightning more. - DC   - posted in Saunters