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Thursday, March 26, 2015

DC Remembers Serial Killers Around the ZC

The famed Zebra Killer who, along with three accomplices, killed 14 or 16 (Wikipedia) people and wounded seven, died earlier this month. Details here.
These racially motivated murders happened in an area that included the SF Zen Center's City Center on Page Street at Laguna. The time period was 73 to about April of 74. Dianne Goldschlag and I were living at Green Gulch in 73 and Tassjara in 74 and didn't pay much attention to news. She and I stayed at the City Center, coming in from Tassajara, at the height of the coverage and fear of going outside. I was there for a ZC board meeting and she'd come in to take baby Kelly to a doctor. No one at the City Center warned us so we didn't realize what was happening till after we'd had a walk. I suggested to the office that they inform guests about the Zebra (black on white) threat - like we warned guests about poison oak and rattlesnakes at Tassajara - but we went for another walk before we left anyway. It was quite a contrast to walks we'd take at Tassajara.

I remember when some hikers were killed near Green Gulch by the Trailside Killer (who was targeting women), that Niels Holm and Maggie Kress who had a home at Muir Beach (later Yvonne's) went out on the trails - she as the bait and Niels with stones to knock the culprit out. He was confident in his aim because he used to throw tools and materials up to or down from roofs a lot into the hands of fellow workers. - DC

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