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Monday, June 15, 2015

Spell Check from Alert Reader

Alert reader sends in corrections. Thus awarded the cuke Gold Star which consists of me writing this sentence. Here's our exchange:

On 6/14/2015 6:18 AM, ShepG. wrote:
Hi David,

I read on your blog about Blanche Hartman going into hospice and then clicked over to the interview on ( I noticed a few small spelling errors.

 - Shep G.

counting my breathes

an offering trey of food
I went out to get the offering trey
I lit a cigarette and was carrying the offering trey 

looked up at his face and I started to ball

somebody had found a catch of pictures

DC Responded

Hi Shep.

Wow - thanks.

I didn't see your list at first and did a spell check and only found

now it's your're turn - to your urn

everyday - to every day

and then noticed your list below your signature - all four words that spell check wouldn't catch.

I wonder if I transcribed this or someone else. I can't spell - have to look the same words up over and over - but some of those errors look like typing super fast mistakes which would be Liz or Layla, both of whom know better but type at 90 or faster.

Now please continue with the rest of the website, over five thousand text files.