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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bully for Bali Bule

Going into an air-conditioned ATM space, a woman exiting said something I didn't understand at all so I just smiled and nodded. A woman inside asked me in English if I understood her. Nope. Then where you from she asked. America. Ha!, she said to you in Dutch that she could tell you're Dutch by the way you walk.
She was at  the ATM that dispenses bills of 50,000 IDR. I was at the one that dispenses hundred thousands. In between is a deposit machine. That's common here and in Malaysia. Sometimes see some foreigners in the morning market. Talked to a Spanish couple this morning. Tried to speak to them in Spanish but only Indonesian came out after the first couple of Spanish words. He understood. Said I had a slow switch in the noggin. Told me of an Italian short story about a priest, I think, who spoke many languages and got them all mixed up so he'd have a subject in one language, a predicate in another, and object in another and so forth. He mentioned he didn't meet many Americans here. I said we had a few American friends here. Passing a bar where Aussies hang out, said hi to a couple of them just coming out. Aussies are great to say hi to. Strong, friendly answers. And then there are the Scandinavians. Anyway, we're all bule.