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Friday, October 16, 2015

Daya's Team wins Silver!

St. George, Utah at the Huntsman Senior World softball games. Playing 2nd base for the Seattle Wet Socks 65+ team. Daya Goldschlag writes: My team, the Seattle Wet Socks 65+, took the silver in their bracket!

We played 7 games in 3 days. I ended up playing 2nd base the first day and a 1/2 and after that 3rd base.  We'd get to the ball fields when it was still dark each morning to warm up. Temperatures were in the 90's!  Amazing experience.  My achy body happy to rest today.  The elder women came in all shapes and sizes.  Some did not look like they could be athletic at all but yet played good hard ball, gave it their all, and were very inspiring.  I didn't make too many errors.  Was able to tag runners out on 2nd.  Missed a chance at a double play. On 3rd made some good catches and throws to get runners out on 2nd and at home base. Caught a high fly ball and a number of hard drive ones.  Made some base hits and got to run home twice thru other batters.  For my level of experience I feel good about how i played.  Almost cried when we received our metals - silly, kind of hokey - but it's my first time winning something like that and it was fun.  Feels like i was on another planet for I'm home doing laundry and sifting the compost dirt to add to my garlic bed.  thanks for all your good wishes, love, Daya

The first day, Monday, they played 3 games.  Beforehand Daya wrote, "It's going to be in the 90's. Egads!  I'm excited and a bit anxious.  My coach on the team says the priorities are to have fun and not get injured."

That photo is from this mini-bio of Daya on the Spokane FAVS (faith and values) site.

Here's Daya (Dianne) cuke page with interview.