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Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Score at Tennis Here

Kelly picked up tennis scoring in Indonesian within a few games.

In English of course the scoring goes love, fifteen, thirty, forty - for zero, one, two, three, four. In Indonesian it's kosong (empty), limabelas, tigapuluh, empatpuluh.

In English  thirty or forty for each side is called deuce and in Indonesian sama (same).

Add or avantage in (server's side) or add out (receiver's side) is wan in and wan out. Don't know what that means, just know how to say it.

They say in and out like us when a ball's in or out but that may just be copying us. Not sure. Same for serve.

They say net for let (when a serve touches the net and goes in) but a lot of English speakers say that too.

My favorite is that when someone wins in Engish it's game. In Indonesian it's limapuluh (fifty).

That's all I know so far. - dc