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Monday, November 2, 2015

Suzuki transcript additions

Here's a short addition to the transcript for Shunryu Suzuki lecture (srl) 68-02-00-f. Here's the main page for it on Peter Ford has been going over various audio and transcript versions and found some places where there is material not included in the transcript. We've been adding whole lectures and snippets like this for years.
This is not in the form of the existing transcript which is lightly edited and I did a verbatim job. I'd like to do the whole lecture like this though Brian Fikes' version is also good to have. It would take a while to do it all. Maybe one of our volunteers? I like going over them cause I know some things - like who was asking the questions here.  It's almost all Shurtleff, but it's good stuff and Suzuki's interjections are neat.

68-02-00-f – to add to transcript

Bill Shurtleff: The Shingyo [Sutra (Lotus in this instance)] on other points though like ignorance,  shows us both sides...
SR: Umhum.
BS: Saying “no ignorance” and also “no annihilation…”  
SR: Umhum. Yes. 
BS: In that sense, there seems to be a completeness… 
SR: Ah – yeah.
BS:  In the words (?) and in the same way,  it would seem to  be no attainment and yet, constant effort for…
SR: Yes, attainment.
BS: Attainment. Something like that. I mean it seems to come out really strongly  on only one side…
SR: Umhum.
BS: No attainment.
SR: So in our practice, you know, actually… [cough]… um

[audio ends]