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Friday, January 22, 2016

Mitsu Suzuki in the KQED film on You Tube Cuke Video

Edited section with Mitsu Suzuki in the zendo and seeing Shunryu off, from the first part of the film, Zen Mountain Center, which takes place at Sokoji where the San Francisco Zen Center was born. Starts with zazen - that's her sitting on the right with her husband Shunryu walking past with the stick. The full Heart Sutra follows, a snippet of Shunryu talking with Richard Baker, Dainin Katagiri sitting quietly. Shunryu and Richard depart for Tassajara with Mitsu and Dainin seeing them off. Shunryu Suzuki dot com ZMC film page in the Video Section with stills [but You Tube is better for viewing videos]