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Monday, February 22, 2016

Errata in Suzuki quote from Crooked Cucumber

In Japan, a teacher doesn't look for other teachers, especially from other sects, to come speak in his temple. He doesn't want to confuse his students and is jealous. I was the same. But this is America, so we are learning a new way.--------------------Don't think I need to search the lecture archive for this quote which is by necessity more of a paraphrase because it's something he said to me personally when I asked him if Macrobiotic writer Herman Aihara could speak to the students in the dining room. He said okay but and then something like the above. Brit Pyland reminded me that he went to the lecture and afterwards patted Aihara on the back and said, "Don't worry so much." In that Brief Memory of Brit's there's also another version of the above paraphrase. 

The whole reason I came to post this though is the errata. I'm working on a book I hope called Tassajara Stories and printed up and read through chapter 15 of Crooked Cucumber titled Tassajara and toward the end of that chapter came upon that quote which did not read completely as above but began with, In Japan, a teacher doesn't like for other teachers. 

This is most exciting to me for it's the first errata found in Crooked Cucumber in a long time. It's not in the Crooked Cucuber Errata section on cuke which includes errata still in the book - as they're not making any changes these days or for a long time. But I will put it there right now. Amazing how many people went through the book with a keen eye and missed that. And there are readers who'd let me know about errata. It was just close enough to slip by unnoticed. Just checked the Kindle version and that mistake is in there. The paperback I've got here was the first printing and there was errata fixed after that I think but now it's confirmed.