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Monday, February 1, 2016

SR talking about Dogen, power, and - you'll see

A short addition to Transcript Archive entered on Shunryu Suzuki dot com. File name 69-10-14-x. The X because it's not clear if it belongs to the rest of the lecture or Q and A on that tape. It comes after the chanting. Sometimes lectures were taped over after they were transcribed and then the transcriptions lost. Here's the whole two minutes of it after the Read More link.

Dogen Zenji said, all the various kinds of power is - comes from our practice, you know. Although, our purpose of practice to attain some power, you know, but naturally, all the power will concentrate around our practice. That is very important point. That kind of practice you practice someone may say, you know. Our practice is not any kind of practice but one shikantaza which is the foundation of all the practice. Even though you - you die in standing function or upside down function, we are not good Zen student, he says - Dogen Zenji says. That is our practice. The foundation of all the power, all the possible power is shikantaza.

Thanks Peter Ford for finding this. Transcribed by DC