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Friday, April 29, 2016

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore memorial

Photo from a memorial service held at The Paro Dzong, Bhutan arranged by close friend Varya Simpson [ Charles Mac Dermed's wife] -- photo by Varya. - thanks to Brit Pyland wrote the following:

Thank you for posting news of Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore's passing [4-25] and including link to Tom Clark's fine tribute on his blog. Tom and Angelica Clark were also friends of Philip Whalen and Co. from Bolinas days. [Daniel's cuke page]

Please note :  Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore - correct spelling. [Had to fix that everywhere. I just couldn't see it as yy and would write vy - even when Brit pointed it out I went it and changed a yy to vy - working fast and never having seen such a name spelling. - dc]