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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

No Knives

Restaurants in Bali mainly just give you a fork and spoon to eat with - unless they're posh and setting it like the West. For those who get meat that needs to be cut they'll add a sharp knife. Katrinka has a I guess English or European style of eating where she uses a knife with her fork to eat almost anything. I'd joke she uses a knife with her spoon to eat soup. But now she's used to using a spoon with her fork instead. I'm used now to eating rice with a spoon - or a fork. Good places usually include a small knapkin but the usual is to have tissue on the table, even toilet paper. I was given toilet paper in a nice Malaysian home when I asked for a knapkin. That photo is of a fancy setting for a party with forks on the left and spoons on the right. You can also eat with your hands here because that's the tradition. What would my granny Reich say!