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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fave Fruit

We keep hard shell purple mangosteens and hairy red rambutans in bowls on the porch. They're both in season right now. Mangosteens or mangis to them is one good reason to be here and golf ball sized rambutans another to my taste.  Mangosteens can get four times bigger than that. They're opened by holding in both hands and pressing hard between the heal of the hand - pops em open and the succulent juicy white fruit is there. If it's too hard to open it's gone bad and don't bother. Rambutan can be opened with a knife or teeth - the inside comes right out and is like lychee. Lychee (lici here) looks just like it without the hair. If it's juicy, if any liquid comes out, it's going bad.