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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Citizens Summit 2016

Citizen's Summit 2016  John Steiner's latest project to bring people together. John's been a peace activist since 1964. I call him an inner and outer peace activist. Always sympathetic with other views and working to get people to listen to each other. From his cuke interview:

In 66 when I was a city planning student at UCB. I was in on the first anti-war stuff - the Navy recruiting table incident. I was involved with Mario Savio and some others and everyone was at an impasse and I had a vision of bringing the various parties together and I got the administration, faculty and several factions of students to agree to a live round table discussion of issues on KQED. I did it solo. All agreed but then the administration started to have second thoughts and pulled out and then some of the faculty people pulled out. I realized then that I didn't have the personal power and integrity to be able to manifest my vision. A half year later I was at Zen Center. In my time there, especially the three years at Tassajara, I learned to listen to my inner voice. 

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