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Monday, April 24, 2017

New old entry in the Shunryu Suzuki lecture archive

Give up Gaining Ideas and Just Sit - one of the fifteen we have as notes from Tony Artino back in 66 and 67. (Spoiler alert) My favorite line in it is "Zazen is nothing." There are two places in the lecture archive where Suzuki says "zazen is nothing but our usual activity" and "nothing different from our monkey mind which looks lofty but it's not." But here in Tony's we have "zazen is nothing." Of course it's just a note and you're the final authority - so it's either nothing and/or no different from something.
File name which is the date attributed to it is 66-11-30 which is a Wednesday. There already was one on that date given in Los Altos but those lectures were on Thursday so it was renamed 66-12-01 - and Suzuki spoke on Wednesday nights at Sokoji in San Francisco and Tony Artino went to those. The Artino note one I'd had listed as another version of the Los Altos one a few years ago but have been going over the Artino notes recently and making slight edits and noticed that those two lectures were not the same though the concept of stopping the mind was in both. The Los Altos one could have been 67 because 11-30 was a Thursday that year and that's a common error in dating - but the content of the two seemed like lectures given near the same time. Spend tons of time on minutia like this getting things in order - with the more greatly skilled assitance of Peter Ford. Really doesn't matter, just busywork whiling away the hours waiting for a tidal wave to wash away the whiling. - dc