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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Polygamy in Indonesia

Nyoman, the right hand of blind Philip next door just got married to his second wife. Think it's cause she got pregnant. You can read about polygamy in Indonesia here on Wikipedia - doesn't mention it's only for men as is the Islamic way. Except for the military though non Muslims can do it. It's not so popular here and women's groups have tried to get it outlawed. Women by law are 30% of the candidates for office and now have about 20% of the parlament but not enough to overrule the men even though they have a much harder time getting elected if they have more than one wife. We know a few other triples. Katrinka has seen its benefits for women in the cases she knows of. Marraiges don't have to break up if both parties agree. Families can stay together. By law a man can't do it if he can't afford it and treat each equally. But of course there are plenty of women who do not benefit. It exhausts me to think of it. - dc