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Monday, November 27, 2017

Bali Report

Lot of folks asking about how we're faring in Bali. I haven't been putting personal stuff here for a while and I've been posting all that on my personal Facebook page at David Reich Chadwick but there are too many who choose to eschew the evil FB and I understand as I don't linger there. So here are my recent posts there.

11-27 - We live in Sanur, about 40 miles from the Mt. Agung volcano. There's not a big emphasis here in the local culture with thinking about the future so the main thing I hear is complaints that there aren't many tourists with account for 75% of the island's economy. We see posts on Facebook, see features on foreign media sites like NYT and BBC. We have friends among locals and foreigners who've been involved with helping refugees and we've stocked up on food and water in case of a shortage. Otherwise, back to daily life.

11-27 - A local who calls himself Putu Hiking who guided Katrinka's son to the top of Mt. Agung a couple of years ago sent her this video he took yesterday. He's not leaving and he's two kilometers further away than the six kilometer evacuation zone - less than five miles from the place where the smoke and magma come out. We've offered him and his family refuge here. Hope he doesn't need it.

11-27 -  I just talked to Nyoman about Agung. He's a driver and assistant whom I've used for over three years and see almost daily. I asked (in Indonesian) if people were talking about Agung. He at first had to think about what I was referring to then said, the mountain? Yeah, the volcano. Are people talking about it? Oh yeah it's smoking. I kept pushing him. And he said oh it's only the nearby six kilometers they're concenred about. It's not unusual. Wow. Not unusual? Hasn't been like this since 63. Meanwhile we've got a few extra rations and making extra drinking water with our filter.