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Monday, November 5, 2018

Happy Fish Mongers

In Japan there are many fisherman and fish store. And besides so many fish stores, we have some people who are carrying fish and selling it. The fish should be always fresh, so they are running on the street and they are always full of joy. They look very happy. They are always active [laughs]. If they are not happy, the fish will look like they are old [laughs]. Fish [laughs, laughter] is just more fresh if they carry with joy. It looks like fresh [laughs, laughter]. When fish become old, the eyes, you know, turn to white from blue. Even though [laughs] they carry white-eyed fish, if they carry with joy, and if they are running, fish looks like very fresh[laughter].
So if the-- if a monk who is responsible for the kitchen work is not happy, food tastes very bad. Even though it is good, it doesn't taste too good. So Dogen Zenji said they must be like a man who is carrying fish. No, he didn’t say so, but [laughs, laughter] he means is the cook should be always happy. If he is not so happy, all the monks will not be happy. And the more complaints he will have, and he will be criticized more. So first of all, Dogen Zenji says he should be always happy. -------------------------------------------------- Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture 67-12-06-A as found on Edited by DC - Many Shunryu Suzuki lecture ex/cerpts on - from thee links to much more. Going slowly through Suzuki transcripts featuring whatever is next that seems okay.