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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Take care.

Student: So no one should practice alone?
SR: Hmm? No. No individual, no... no... no practice just for yourself. No. To take care of zendo is practice. To take care of your own teaching is practice. We understand practice in that way. How you know how to take care of your kitchen is how you sit. Even though you sit, you have many problems, you know. Drowsiness, pain in your legs, and posture, and you have to take care of your breathing, and your posture should not be like this, you know (slumping), you should be always straight. There's many things to take care of, in your practice. We are not just sitting on cushion, you know, [laughs] sleeping. We are taking care of everything. Just you take care of your family, your wife or husband, your children. That is real practice, you know.  --------------------------------------------------  Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki question and answer- 68-00-00-B as found on Edited by DC