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Monday, April 1, 2019

A Dubious Quote attributed to Shunryu Suzuki

So far I've put this on the Dubious Quotes page with the note below. If you have any info on it's source and if he actually said it or not, I'd like to know. Thanks - dc

As for this quote, in a number of places on the Internet, it's not from any source I have or I'd be using it. It does have a meaning that is something he repeatedly said but it seems too cute for him, though not impossible he said it to someone once. Let me know if you know better than I do. More likely, if it has any authenticity, it's a very liberal paraphrase. He'd use serious as something not to be too much and something as something necessary for practice, just depended on what type. The non emotional, unattached type is the good one. It's really nothing, not adding something extra to ones effortless effort. - thanks Danny Parker

If I'm right about it, then it's appropriate for April Fools day. -dc