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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Kobun Chino at the Opera

Hideko Oga wrote, "I am a member of SF Opera for a  long time (smallest donor) and receive the new season catalog. There is a new opera titled Steve Jobs with four singers. The roles are Steve Jobs, his wife and co-founder, and the 4th person is – Chino Kobun Otogawa."

It reminded her of the movie (and book), The Parrots of Telegraph Hill with a parrot named Shunryu after Suzuki Roshi.

Kobun  Chino was her late husband Grahame Petchey’s senior at Eihei-ji and she wondered if that could be part of the reason why he came to California.  

She and Grahame saw him in Santa Fe in 1986 or 7.  He recognized Grahame’s voice at a small Japanese restaurant and came over to their table.  That was the only time Hideko saw Kobun.

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs comes in June 2020 to the San Francisco Opera.