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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Windy Wind Wind

It sure has been windy here in Sanur and, from what I hear, all over Bali and out at sea. Nyoman driver says that it has whipped up the waves so much that the fishing boats and surfers aren't going out. Tennis pal Elliot who lives with his family very close to a beach east of here says they can't wait to go on a trip to the States they'd planned, just too windy to do anything outside. I guess we're somewhat protected, maybe by our distance from the beach but we're enjoying it. This is the coolest Usually we think of July and August being Windy but it's early this year and strong. Not like the 500 tornadoes in the States last month.

An Aesop tale with sun and wind impressed me as a little boy. The sun and wind argue over who's more powerful and vie to see who can get a traveler to take off his coat. The wind blows hard but the traveler just holds tight. The sun gently shines and the traveler takes off his coat. Gentleness wins the day. I think in our story though it might turn out that the sun and wind join forces without being so considerate of those below.