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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Reading and commenting on Lotus Sutra

"Others set forth the law of quietness, by many myriads of illustrations and proofs; they preach it to thousands of kotis of living beings; these are tending to supreme enlightenment by science."

Science? Maybe by wisdom. It says science, but science is very modern. Enlightenment by wisdom. "The law of quietness," we should be quiet, first of all that is meditation, "by many myriads of illustrations and proofs." If you sit quietly, you will be like this. This is the proof. And how you keep quiet is the illustration. "They preach it to thousands of kotis of living beings." Just to sit is to preach Buddha's teaching to every being.
 -------------------------------- Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture - 68-02-00-B as found on Edited by DC