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Monday, July 29, 2019

Nice Experience.

A neat little coffee shop just opened around the corner run by my landlord's son and I was walking our dogette to the beach and there were two fairly young women who wanted to say hi to her and we got to talking. MK from Singapore and Siong from South Korea. They spoke German to each other. So the talk led to Germany. I mentioned I go to a Buddhist retreat there. She inquired further. I said it's in the Black Forest - they both love the Black Forest - and it's in the lineage of the San Francisco Zen Center. MK said oh yes and they have the monastery called Tassajara. I said yes I'm writing a book on Tassajara now about the early years with Shunryu Suzuki. She said oh his Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind is my favorite book. I read it every six months. Did you know him? Yes he was my teacher. Oh. I'm reading a book about him now called Crooked Cucumber. I said I wrote that book. We talked for an hour. That was neat.