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Saturday, September 21, 2019


Student GG: Docho Roshi, your words without sound may we hear without ears.
SR: Yes. You can hear it-- you should hear it without ears. It means, you know, you shouldn't stick to my word. You should accept it with your whole body, and with your whole practice. In your zazen you should accept what I am-- you should hear my lecture or what I say like you hear some bird singing in your zazen. You are boss, you know. Then you not hearing my words just by your ears but by your practice. Nothing happens to you [laughs]. Even though you hear something, that is the part of practice. So nothing happen beside your practice. That is how you hear my talk without your ear.  -------------------------------- Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture - 68-04-23-B as found on Edited by DC