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Monday, January 13, 2020

Volunteer(s) Sought

Would like to have some transcripts off tape reviewed for accuracy.

Got a few new Suzuki Roshi lectures or lecture parts just transcribed from a batch of tapes found at the SFZC City Center - old reel to reel archival tapes transfered by Michael Katz when he first came from Lindesfarne Asso. on the East Coast. He was their AV guy. He ended up spending some years at ZC and becoming ZC's literary agent - and mine and has been all along Cuke Archives Advising Overlord. My associate here at Cuke Archives, Peter Ford, has transcribed them and wants someone to go over his work for accuracy.

Please just send an email to dchad @ cuke dot com or a message to David Reich Chadwick at Facebook. Thanks. - DC

That image is the famous "His Master's Voice"