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Friday, June 12, 2020

Images Not Happening

Blogger has a new interface on this end, the creation end, and maybe that's why images did not show up in the last two attempts. I'm going to keep using images so I can see if they start showing up. There's some glitch somewhere - here or there or in cyberspace. Let me try one I just posted on my other blog, cuke nonZense, which is more personal and varied stuff than here on Cuke What's New. This is something that oldtime bud David Cohen posted on his special Facebook page, Abandon Trump All Who Enter Here. As soon as I saw it I realized that it expressed quite nicely a core principle of my way. It is to me true in more ways than one and self-negating at the same time - like the Diamond Sutra. Here tis. I hope it shows up.

Yes it did show up. Good. Maybe those other two are being blocked for some reason - but they're both from my archives so they're not infringing on anyone else's intellectual property rights.