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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Lotus Sutra Lectures

A few days ago started putting up Suzuki's first lecture in his second series of three on the Lotus Sutra in 1968. These lectures were rather tedius to listen to. There's no verbatim transcript of this one and likely a number of them. The editing work done by Brian Fikes on them makes them much more palatable. Back in the pre internet days Brian made a loose leaf booklet out of these Lotus Sutra Lectures. All his material is now here on This lecture series was also edited by Tim Buckley into a presentation that took up a whole Wind Bell. That was featured here on What's New recently. Suzuki also did a third round of lectures on this subject. All which have survived can be accessed at on the Lecture Search Form by choosing Lotus Sutra in the Subject dropdown. Back in my early years of trying to organize the Suzuki lectures, no part of that lecture archive seemed as chalenging as getting all the Lotus Sutra lectures down in good form. We should still get them all in verbatim form for the record, but for reading and appreciating them, what is available now will remain the go to place. Thanks to coming across Brians work and with the patient perserverance of Peter Ford, they are now well presented and in good order on line. - dc