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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Podcast Report

Last Saturday, 9-19, our guest on Cuke Audio Podcast was Jack Elias, a Shunryu Suzuki and Chogyam Trungpa student. Jack was at the first practice period at Tassajara. If you look on the home page of at the group photo taken in the fall of '67 just after the first practice period, you'll see him in there second from left 2nd row down. There's a link below that photo to a version of it with names if you wish to make sure. Sunday was our usual day off. Monday was a mini podcast, another vignette from Zen Is Right Here - #58. Wednesday will be #59, Friday #60. Tuesday today was the last post from Crooked Cucumber, which has been read chapter by chapter once a week since early April. Today's, as last week's, was an outtake from the book - A Visit to Massachusettes, about Suzuki's first East Coast trip to be with John and Elsie Mitchell, founder of the Cambridge Buddhist Asso. Thursday will be the weekly episode of Life in Bali, a diversion from all this Zen nonsesne. Check 'em out if you're of a mind. - dc