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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Remembering Terry Gragg

Terry Gragg died 35 years ago October 11. He was a student of Shunryu Suzuki then Richard Baker who ordained him as a priest. Everyone liked Terry but we couldn't help him as we wished to as he got further and further away. We were quite close, especially in his final years. What was most important in the world to him was his son, Sean. He talked to me so much about Sean. But he had made some decisons that took him into a dark place and kept him and Sean apart. He tried to get back but failed. I have always tried hard to avoid doing any ceremonies but I married Terry and his second wife and did Terry's funeral at the SFZC City Center, telling him to let go of his past. Not long after that I met him coming toward me around a bend in a vivid dream on a path lined with a white picket fence in a green field. He seemed lost and asked me what should he do. A woman walked up. "Here," I said joining their hands. "Help her."   

Remembering Terry today thanks to Ted Howell reminding me and sending the image from Terry's first wife and Sean's mother, Antoinette's altar.