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Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Comment on the Samgha situation from Yesterday's blog post

Samgha published Japanese translations of
Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, Not Always So, Crooked Cucumber, Zen is Right Here
and has gone bankrupt

Learn more in English and Japanese about the Samgha situation

Concerning the bankruptcy of Samgha, Hideko Oga (Petchey) writes:

I am sorry about this disappointing business ending.
I have no other friends in Japan with the western style Buddhism like Sangha Publisher but all belong to the Japanese preset structure.  I can imagine getting the new wave to the old establishment is hard.
It’s like opening a Japanese green tea business in UK.  That’s interesting and inspires some but not enough to sustain it as a business.
I wish I could help but I guess it’s beyond me.  I wish I could say or do something!

DC comment - They had an inventory problem. If the staff starts up a new company, it should consider going all POD - print on demand - and online - ebooks, audiobooks, etc.