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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

David Schneider has a new book out


Goods: Short Stories

Linked, fictional, short stories, set in Zen centers and Tibetan vajrayana meditation communities. What happens when Westerners—young, earnest, often amorous women and men—set out on the Buddhist spiritual path? What happens when scores of them end up living together in the same building or neighborhood for meditation? In these uncensored tales of the practice world, such seekers often have to make it up as they go, integrating classical wisdom with modern reality. This includes their own playful or unruly energies. Guided by (mostly) Asian teachers, they do what they can to faithfully live the tradition, learn about themselves, and about one another. What results is a comedy of manners.

Amazon link

Goods is a Cuke Press-DE book - DE stands for Germany

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