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Friday, August 27, 2021

Two Anecdotes

Just got a neat email from Harry Garcia

Hi. I met you in Dec 1972 in Albuquerque. You were passing through with Dianne [Daya Goldschlag]. You wore a purple down jacket. I was a student of Trungpa but I'd just spent the Fall Practice Period at Tassajara where Dianne had also been practicing. Hence the visit. We smoked pot.

I have a few anecdotes I thought you might like. When I went to Karma Dzong in 73 I met Annapurna. She told me she'd been in India and that because she had severe asthma she had the habit of asking gurus what to do if one were dying. She ran into Trungpa there and asked him. His advise was, "Be open and have a sense of humor." 

And a Mel Weitsman anecdote! When I was at Tassajara I overheard a conversation on Alice Haspray's with Mel. She explained to Mel that Trungpa hadn't been able to play when he was a child. Mel responded, "Now he's playing."