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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Gremlins Strike again to Thwart the Audiobook for Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

After having been informed that chapter 8 was taking chapter 3's place, Audible has cleared the correct audio file for chapter three of Crooked Cucumber and we were all ready to let folks know about it,  

Then I went over the beginning of each chapter to make sure all was OK. They were all the right files. 

Audible had mis-titled them though in the text on the screen because they called the Introduction to the Audiobook Chapter 1 and Chapter 1 was called Chapter 2 and on till the Epilogue, which followed the final chapter 19 (titled Chapter 20), was titled Chapter 21. Seeing that made me pause. So that they'd line up right, I had named the files with a number ahead of the chapter number and name. I remember the epilogue being 22, not 21. I zipped back to the first and to my deja vooish horror, the intro to the book was not there. I'm sure I sent it in. I sent them all together. It had not occurred to me to look for omission. Intro to the audiobook was 01 and ugh - the introduction to the book was 02. Chapter 1 was 03. The introduction to the book, simply titled 02-Introduction, was missing. Is missing. Two introductions seems to have caused confusion. When it is back in there with its fellow files, , I'll make a happy post here that the audiobook is now all there and ready to take you for a ride.