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Friday, July 15, 2022

A Message from Kazuaki Tanahashi about action on Climate Change

At this perilous time, you must be very concerned about the global situation that affects our lives visibly and invisibly. I have been searching for an effective way of working together with friends in different parts of the world to respond to the crisis of climate change. Please take a look at this new campaign to plant trees to restore the Amazon Rainforest at

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Friends in Brazil searched for a transparent and reputable organization that had been successfully working with indigenous people. You can find the one we have chosen at www.Amazon Reforest Alliance (ARA). ARA and Inochi, a nonprofit organization based in Berkeley, California, of which I am the president, have formed a partnership to carry out the Inochi Amazon Rainforest Project. A representative of ARA along with two other Brazilian friends spent a week in March 2022 visiting two indigenous communities that plant seeds and seedlings, and also consulting with people in another tribe. Photos from the trip are on our website.
I believe this is a viable and worthy project. Would you consider joining us by being a benefactor and encouraging others to work together with us?
Here is the alarming background, which you are well aware of: Melting ice at the poles, rising sea levels, rising temperatures, less clouds, less rain, larger and hotter forest fires, more pollution, spices?? are disappearing, less bees, less crops, exploding population, possible starvation for millions, pandemics, wars, threat of nuclear war. The earth is facing devastation. Humans are facing extinction.
Many individuals and organizations are working hard, conserving energy, recycling, and taking other actions. But each of us needs to do more. A single project cannot turn the tide. But if we develop a good prototype, others can replicate the project or initiate other projects with the same principle. Personal commitment, collaboration, and networking are the only ways to respond to the crisis we are facing.
I look forward to working with you!
Love, Kaz