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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Gender Stories from Bartenders to Baboons

Working on Tassajara Stories, I decided to do a fact check on Nancy Roscoe's assertion that when the Roscoes and the Becks bought Tassajara in 1960, she said that she and Anna Couldn't tend bar because it was illegal for women to do that. She added that she should know because she's a lawyer, or she was at the time of telling this during a 2007 cuke interview with her and Anna Beck. Nancy passed the fact check. Here's an article on tending bar and women where I learned, among other things, that women in California could not legally tend bar (with possible family ownership exceptions which were common in other states) till the California Supreme Court overturned that law in 1971. 

Right after reading that article today. son Kelly sent a video message about a tribe of primates that shifted from being an abusive male dominated culture to a peaceful matriarchal culture. I knew that story but decided to look into it so as to guard against passing on false information. Found it in a NYTimes article. It was baboons.

And I read another article in the Atlantic about primates and other animals and gender and our assumptions and prejudices and so forth.