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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Right Posture, Good Breathing

In koan practice you try hard to attain enlightenment. In shikantaza we do not try to attain enlightenment. Or in shikantaza we have no time [laughs] to expect something. We have pain in our legs, and sometimes it may be very cold. So, to remain in the right posture is difficult. If you are involved in our practice with right posture, with good breathing, then you have no time to try to have a beautiful picture of enlightenment [laughs]. It is already hard enough to sit, and you have no other idea to have any imagination. So actually, what we will attain is the same. But what you attain is something completely different than expected.

Dan Welch, 1967 for links to the source of the photo. Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture 69-03-10 as found on, edited by PF. Go to for the Instagram version.