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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bill Schwobs Photos of Rinsoin, Zounin, and Shoganji

Bill Schwob and his Japanese wife Reiko live in Point Richmond, CA, and visited Rinsoin, Shunryu
Suzuki's home temple, when they were back in Japan to see her family. That was nineteen years ago. He took a bunch of black and white photos of  Rinsoin and Zounin, another temple in Suzuki's lineage, and Shoganji where he was born. Take a look at Bill's photos hereI'll try to get some more info written in below them soon. - DC

That's Hoitsu and Chitose Suzuki to the left. He's Shunryu's eldest son and abbot of Rinsoin.

Bill Schwob's Photo website