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Friday, April 10, 2015

Talk about Mind Leading up to Yesterday's Suzuki Lecture Excerpt

Student: What does it mean to say, “Everything is mind?”

SR: “Everything is mind.” Mind includes everything. We take this viewpoint. We are concerned about each individual's attainment or nirvana or happiness. So happiness should be for each one of us. We do not just talk about mind in scientific way. When we say “mind,” that mind is someone's mind: my mind, or your mind, or someone's mind who is concerned about his own life. If so, mind includes various problems he will see or feel he is involved in. So for him, mind is his hand, mind is his room, mind is his family, mind is his country. Because his mind is concerned with people, with family, with his body. So in this sense mind and body is one -- in a religious sense. But for science, you know, mind is some function, some object of study. But for us it is the point we're most concerned about, and each one's problem is mind. Do you understand the difference? So we are talking about each one's mind. I am talking about my mind, and you are listening to your mind [laughs]. If so, that mind includes all the problems you have. Without mind, there is no [laughs] problem. Without you, there is no problem [laughs]. Because there is you, you have problem. Because you have mind, small or big, I don't know [laughs]. Anyway, because you have your mind, there is a problem. So whatever it is, the problem you have is your mind.

Student I: Isn't it also true from the other side, that if -- I don't know -- how to say it-- when you just know mind, it's --

SR: No mind.

Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture 65-07-30-D as found on - Edited by DC