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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tassajara Bobcat

Today I recalled the bobcat at Tassajara. Every now and then someone would spot one. Also there are mountain lions in those woods - but not so many. I never saw one there but I hear them. They sound different than bobcats. I'd be awake at night late doing firewatch and down by the barn a deep growl - more than one time. What else could it have been? Back to the bobcat. There was one that was seen more and more - in the eighties I think. They started feeding it. I was visiting Tassajara and there was a bobcat at the morning work meeting. Wildlife people came in and said no no no this is dangerous and took it away. Thought maybe it had been raised by people. - dc - This will go in Tassajara Stories - See Bobcat Update