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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moral Obsessions Conquered

Another day in Kuala Lumpur. Went to Indonesian Embassy yesterday - took a couple of hours, two trains and two taxis. One train was so stuffed we were all pushed up against each other. But people here are so polite and gentle - even more than Japan. No problem. After the embassy walked through a park to the Petronas Towers, no longer the tallest. Walked around outside and in with six stories of malls, seemingly endless
Met our friend Lai Moon and munched on Japanese food fair assortments. Katrinka went off with her for the night. They're at a waterfall somewhere now. I met a nice young guy on the first train who offered to drive me home. His place was a hundred feet from the station where we got off. Most kind of him.  It's Muslim Haj, pilgrimage holiday today. Walked to the mall near where we're staying and nothing was open that early except for McDonalds. I pride myself on never eating anything there - say it's not food. So I had breakfast there to rid myself of moral obsessions (that's how Gene Genet justified eating some money he was considering the right way to use). It was ok, probably better than Gene's money. Next Starbucks where I've been now for three hours drinking tea. Ate lunch here. Getting a lot of work done. On the way walking here this morning decided to find out what's above the tunnel we walk under to get here. Found a way up. It was a vast field, fifty yards wide stretching into the distance both directions. Walked calf deep in grass and growth for half an hour hoping I didn't disturb any cobras and hoping they too practiced ahimsa. Tomorrow dim sum across the street for breakfast. Back to the grind.