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Saturday, September 19, 2015


Playing tennis again. Got out of the habit at end of June when went to the retreat then married, honeymoon. Had gotten tired of the doubles game. Played a few times recently with marathon man Ian. He's 74. I'm 70. He doesn't get tired. Go to the Clay courts near here - just down the street into the Bali Beach Inna Grand Hotel - next to their golf course. There was an outdoor rock concert there today - nothing on a big scale but well amplified accompaniment. Today we played doubles with a couple of Indonesian guys who work there, one in the sports shop. I call him when we want to play and he comes and unlocks it. We played for a little over an hour. Three games then change partner so that each of us played with the other three in rotation. They're younger but it was pretty evenly matched. Kept the ball in play pretty well. Most pleasant. They don't speak much English at all so learned how to score in Indonesian.

love      = nol (zero)
fifteen  = lima belas (15)
thirty    = tiga puluh (30)
forty     = empat puluh (40)
duece    = sama (same)
advantage in, ad in = in
advantage out, ad out = aut (pronounced like out in English)
game    = lima puluh (50) - that was cool. It took a while for me to believe it.
set        = set
match   = they thought maybe there was no word
in and aut are also used when the ball's in or out of the court on a shot including for "fault."
footfault = ?
net = net
serve = serv
court - lapangan

Hunting for an image on the Internet to use with this, came up with this photo of tennis within the Kerobokan prison about an hour away. This is Scott Rush, one of the Bali Nine, a low level drug mule who is serving a life sentence.