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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Quiet around Here

Phillip and Nyoman next door are drunk and rowdy at times but Philip's in England so Nyoman's at the kampung as they say, in the countryside at his farm. Rini and baby Mary are also at her village, as is always the case when Philip's away. Maybe nanny Ilu went with them but maybe back to her village. Rini must have a lot more support back home. She and her mother are talking again. Rini don't take no flak. 

Ten days ago here was an event at the school and the loud speakers were on from six am. Really nice jazzy music at first but before long it got amped up.
An MC moderating or doing a play by play on some kid activities and the kids were screaming. Then there was a woman talking loud and fast for about thirty minutes. It never bothers me. I like living around people. Sometimes there's loud speaker going just in the morning. Usually stops by 10 or so unless there's some event. Sometimes students singing way off key. Sometimes cool stuff. Lot of variety. Usually nothing we notice, just sound of kids playing in the distance. It's a junior hi. So quiet next door and school's out for the holidays just like back home and not a peep from there. 

There were bullfrongs croaking incredibly loudly after a rain though.