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Monday, July 25, 2016

Big Demonstraition near our place

Here's a piece Katrinka wrote on the demonstration at the beach we mainly go to.

Tolak Reklamasi  Benoa
Sanur Bali Demonstration
Sunday 17 July 2016

South Bali is known for i its charming rice terraces, white sand beaches, abundant fresh coconut water and tropical fruits, but underneath this brave exterior lie huge environmental issues on this island of the Gods and Goddesses. The overload of plastic and trash litter is simply the beginning. Overbuilding is king and foremost in this realm is the reclamation plan in the area of Benoa Bay,
now declared  sacred  by Balinese high priests. This duel between Governor Mangku Pastika and the voice of the people regarding the reclamation plan of Tanjung Benoa has been going on for quite some time.

Banners and T shirts were seen from east, west and south Bali on Sunday, 17 July, 2016 in Sanur haling from Negara, Kesiman, Klungkung, Legian, Kuta, Denpasar and Sanur to name a few were seen.  Maybe 1000 or more mostly young Bali men but some young women formed a human shield blocking the Bypass at Jalan Buyan and carrying large flags declaring TOLAK REKLAMASI as far as the eye could see for several hours beginning at 2 PM. The rally called for the revocation of former President Yudhoyono’s Presidential Decree No. 51 of 2014 that authorized the development of lands once declared as a protected nature reserve. Leading was a traditional baleganjur orchestra.  Balinese offerings were made to the ocean and Hyang Baruna – the Lord of the Seas.

The procession then marched to Segara Beach for music ranging from Reggae and then the hard rock sounds of Superman is Dead set up on a stage at the end of Segara Jetty.  It was low tide so the scene was complete with Mosh pit. The air was fllled Infectious energy. The event was sponsored by the traditional village of Sanur, and involved the villages of Sanur, Intaran and Penyaringan.

The protestors introduced a new element to their cause by carrying a 70-meter-long trail of cloth to symbolize the 700-hectares that will be reclaimed by the project.  A village official proclaimed that the people of Sanur will oppose the proposed reclamation project “until their last drop of blood is shed”.

The police presence was heavy but friendly. Their staging area was at the football field in the old Maisionette Area on Inna Grand Beach Bali property. The peace reigned. No alcohol was seen, contributing to this atmosphere. May this spirit prevail.