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Monday, August 29, 2016

Photo Archive Assitance

Thanks to Louise Pryor, Rick Levine, Jerry Halpern, and David Schneider for adding names and info to the cuke Shunryu Suzuki photo archive. And now it will be easier to help us get more accurate info as there's a Photo List page with all the photos listed by file name with Title and Notes and it's on the Menu and linked to from the pages with the thumbnails - this will make it easy to search for photos by content. (thanks Peter Ford). 

I was confused about the lay ordination photos. There are lots of them and there were two post 1962 group lay ordinations (not including the kids one), August 70 and 71 - and there are photos I think in both the Buddha Hall and zendo and I can see a lot of older students in a lot of them that indicate 70 in both places. I need to get the right dates and info on them. Help appreciated.