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Monday, September 19, 2016


Just got a heck of 220 shock from the long extension cord. I plugged it in in the bedroom to watch a Narcos on laptop in bed, picked up the end with the power strip, and the next thing I knew was being shot into outer space. And like I've experienced in emergencies, time was super slowed enough I could wonder what was happening and then realized I was getting shocked. I instinctively yelled. You know how it's said you can't let go when you're getting shocked? I remember hoping it would fall out of my hands because I wasn't connected anymore there. It did fall.
I assumed I'd stuck my thumb in the outlet and somehow gotten shocked that way and picked it up and got briefly shocked again but just had to step back. It was exposed where the cord went into the power strip. Will take to the nice old guy who put it together for us at his small nearby electric stuff store. We get our electric cords from him because he makes them out of bigger wire and they don't stop working like the commercial ones. But there was this glitch. Sort of woke me up. Was resting after getting a root canal. Reminds me of sitting sesshin at Green Gulch and going out to grab the electric fence at that horse coral for a nice shock that would keep me awake a few periods. But nothing compared to this Bali high. - dc