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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Shunryu Suzuki's Datebook

Just noticed that the PDF of the datebook Shunryu Suzuki arrived with in 1959 had four superflous pages of something he wrote in Japanese stuck in there and that two of the datebook pages were out of order. So that's been fixed. I was checking to see if there was an entry for arrival date and there wasn't any that's obvious anyway. He really wasn't a datebook type guy. Just wrote some notes and names etc randomly here and there and some doodles which are the best part.

I've looked at some of the Japanese and it would take forever for me to get through half of it and I think Gil Fronsdal had some little bit of it translated. Maybe some day I'll sit down with a native speaker and go over it. I am confident it is all just trivia but what isn't? I think Gil's got the book still if you want to see the original.