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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Adding this post minus Aussie image to the Fauna Ahimsa page on (doing as little harm as possible to animals)

Thinking about this section because we're getting a dog for our new Sanur home. Too vast to do more than suggest subjects to investigate.
Do a web search for key words in the following - much to choose from. The list could go on and on

Factory Farming and read about what some consider the greatest crime in the history of the human race.

Pets. Is it ethical to have pets? Feeding pets animal food. PETA on vegan dog and cat food. Rescue animals.

Feral cats - here's an article on their horrendous effect on wildlife (killing billions of birds, reptiles, and mammals.)

The human race has brought about what many now call the sixth great extinction. Our activity is considered by some to be a threat not only to human life continuing but vertebrate life. To be unhypocritically ethical and compassionate with all life and do as little harm as possible, one would have to go to extremes of behavioral limitation such as the Jain monks practiced. I acknowledge my role as part of this holocaust like a law-abiding citizen living near a death camp and make small gestures like eating mainly vegetarian and not killing pests except for mosquitoes which can cause illness and kill us where I live. - DC