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Wednesday, August 14, 2019


“Everyday mind is Zen”: This was very important koan. “Everyday mind Is dao.” And this is, you know, pretty difficult. Maybe many people have misunderstanding about it. “Everyday mind is dao.” First of all, we should know what is dao or true mind, and this is again the promblem of true mind and everyday mind. Dao is the back something from which everyday mind arises.
So, “Everyday mind is dao” means to find dao in everyday mind, everyday life. It looks like to put emphasis on everyday mind or dualistic mind. So, you may say: “If everyday mind is true mind, whatever we do doesn't matter; that is dao. To sneak into some other's field and get sweet potato, or sweet melon, and, you know, eating in hot summer weather is dao [laughs]. Whatever you do, that is dao.” In this way you may understand it.
But actually, what it means is to feel big mind through our everyday practice. This morning, when we were sitting, perhaps you could hear many birds singing on the sunny side of the mountain. What you feel or what you hear is not just bird. It is quite different bird when you hear it in usual time. Instead of being disturbed by the bird, you will feel deeper feeling of your practice. If you do not hear anything, it is like breathing without a mouth or nose [laughs]. No problem, but no feeling. Something which comes into your practice will deepen your feeling of practice.  -------------------------------- Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture - 68-04-23-A as found on Edited by DC