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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Student Y: Docho Roshi, there is nothing to attain, and yet every morning we chant and we vow “to attain it.”

SR: [Laughs.]

Student Y: And if enlightenment is within me, and yet I can't tap its resources, I can't make any use of it. When you speak, I think I understand, and I accept what you say, but when you're through speaking, I reject everything you say. I don't understand how unless somehow I can experience the truth myself, I know what to believe and what not to believe, and what to accept and what not to accept.

SR: Don't try to accept things. But you should, you know. Don't think I am talking to you. Instead of you, I am talking - that's all. Because you think I am talking about something to you, you cannot accept it. What I am talking about is how you feel, how you think, actually.

Student Y: I don't understand.

SR: Your weak point is you are trying to understand it, You are like a big baby [laughs], you know. That is your weak point. So you should work by your own -- walk by your own feet, you know.

Student Y: And what is your role as my teacher?

SR: ”Your teacher,” you say, but actually I am your friend. I cannot do anything with you. Tentatively, you know, I will treat you in this way.

Student Y: Thank you very much. 
  -------------------------------- Excerpt from Shunryu Suzuki lecture - 68-04-23-B as found on Edited by DC